Depending on Your Role, You Face a Unique Set of Challenges

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Real Estate & Facilities

Luum gives you the tools to efficiently manage commute-related resources and implement ever-changing policies. Improve the distribution and auditing of parking access cards, carpools, and vanpools. Require less parking and associated costs by reducing demand. Establish a baseline of commute behavior and track it against reports across multiple parking locations.

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Human Resources

Easily administer your growing commuter benefits program with Luum. Attract and retain talent and provide a platform where employees can discover flexible options to get to and from work.

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Senior Decision Makers

Luum helps you tackle the hard realities faced by a growing employee population. Avoid the cost of building more parking or leasing additional parking stalls brought on by increased workplace density. As costs skyrocket, ensure your money is allocated appropriately across transportation programs. Meet the goals required to obtain permits for strategic expansion projects using Luum.

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Payroll Administrator

Transportation costs are increasingly being funneled through employee payroll. Luum payroll integration automates the growing number of commuter benefits and subsidies applied to individuals, and greatly reduces the time spent each pay period accounting them.

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Corporate Sustainability Leader

With Luum, employees understand the impact of their daily commute decision. Luum provides you accurate commute data vital to your environmental impact reporting.

When working with the Luum team, you never have to compromise your expectations. Their collaborative approach and creative problem solving was a perfect fit for supporting our unique transportation program needs.

Mark Melnyk · Swedish Health Services

Luum addresses your needs alongside those faced by fellow commute stakeholders. Contact us to learn how Luum can work for you.

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