Our Core Values

Collaboration - We collaborate with our customers to develop creative solutions to problems. Real, big commute problems. Our approach is strategic and we pay attention to the details. Our relationships are collaborative, open, and honest.

Innovation - We're pioneering a new way of approaching the commute and we are constantly innovating to improve our product. We encourage each other to be better and have challenging conversations when needed.

Empowerment - We believe that employers play a key role in tackling commute solutions, empowering their employees, reducing carbon emissions, and improving local communities. Our technology enables employers to control commuter behavior and better the environment.

Excellence - We strive to find solutions that will work and last. We take pride in providing our customers not only with solutions to their commute problems, but also ongoing support. Customer satisfaction is extremely important to us.

Our Team

The Best and Brightest
Luum - Sohier Hall President / CEO

Sohier Hall


Sohier has dedicated his life's work to helping people answer two simple questions: "Where are you going? How are you getting there?" In 2012, after many years in senior management at Microsoft, Sohier founded Luum to go to work with these questions. Luum's trajectory is the ultimate "Where & How" exercise.
Outside of Luum, Sohier challenges himself to go from point-A to point-B physically. He is a long-time competitive rower, Nordic skier, and mountain biker. Last summer he reunited with six college rowing teammates and hiked The 50: non-stop from Mt. Moosliauke to the Dartmouth campus, his alma mater. Sohier lives in Seattle with his wife and three daughters.

Luum - Tyler Simpson Chief Technology Officer

Tyler Simpson

Chief Technology Officer

As a husband, parent, competitive rower, runner, and technologist, Tyler is a man of many talents—not the least of which includes leading the technology side of Luum. In his heart he's now a Seattleite, but Tyler has also called himself a New Yorker, Chicagoan, and San Franciscan. When he's not working at headquarters, he likes to work out, run, row, and shoot hoops. Rumor has it he's even picked up the art of winemaking. Tyler makes his daily trek into Seattle on his bike or else the bus.

Luum - Matt Hall Chief Architect

Matt Hall

Chief Architect

Matt hails from Jersey. What's that? He's lived in Seattle for over a decade? Well, both cities hold a place in his heart, even if it's hard to shed his East coast roots. Matt's our back-end guru, specializing in creating a scalable, responsive Luum. His passion for code is only trumped by his love for the Duke Blue Devils, who we hear have a decent basketball team. Outside of Luum, you can usually find Matt yelling his heart out at a Seahawks game. Don't let that scare you—he's quite amiable. Just don't wear a Carolina shirt around him.

Luum - Jonathan Kallay Developer

Jonathan Kallay


Jonathan is a multifaceted member of the team who loves the opportunity to roll up his sleeves with software development at an enterprise that aims directly at social good. He is known for his frequent, ineffectual reminders to the rest of the team about recycling and turning off the lights in the office, demonstrating that good design is better than nagging for shaping behavior. Another Luum rower, he spends the rest of his free time disproving the notion that male rowers can't produce male offspring. He should not be confused with similarly-named Kallay Jonathan, who looks very similar to him on Facebook.

Luum - Raghavendra Raichur Principal Software Engineer

Raghavendra Raichur

Principal Software Engineer

After multiple failed attempts to remember how to spell his own rather lengthy first name, Raghavendra prefers to go by his somewhat simpler last name, Raichur. Raichur was born and raised in Bangalore, India. After receiving his college degree, he worked there for a few years before moving to Seattle. Raichur loves the opportunity to work towards building a product that has a direct impact on society. When he is not fervently typing code, he can be found enjoying a game or two of pool. Oh and he's also passionate about cricket—the sport, not the insect.

Luum - Mike Gottlieb Director of Engineering

Mike Gottlieb

Director of Engineering

Mike is a full-stack developer who especially loves working on anything involving mobile apps or crunching data. He is also from New Jersey, but he is from the Southern (i.e. superior) half of the state. He studied Computer Science and Engineering at The University of Pennsylvania. Though he has lived in Seattle for many years he remains loyal to his Philadelphia Eagles. When not at work you will likely find Mike holding a guitar, a golf club, or a plane ticket to somewhere far away.

Luum - Todd S. Merkens Customer Success Manager

Todd S. Merkens

Customer Success Manager

Todd got his first pair of skis (three-pin Tracks) at age 4, and after accumulating more skis than can be counted, he now enjoys sharing the love of snow with his daughters. Todd is also passionate about smart transportation. One summer break, he stepped into the central train station in Hamburg, Germany and was transfixed by how easily everybody was able to get around. Efficiently connecting people with where they need to go is his life's work. With experience in both the private and public sectors, Todd has over a decade of work developing innovative transportation solutions. And did we mention that Todd likes snow?

Luum - Naomi Pattis Director of Customer Success

Naomi Pattis

Director of Customer Success

Naomi joins the team as our Customer Success Manager and has a genuine British accent. She grew up in a land where no household has more than one car and access to good public transit is considered a constitutional right. After three years working with tech startups in Silicon Valley, Naomi is passionate about setting Luum up for success as our operations begin to scale. Naomi learned to row before she could walk and has competed on both sides of the Atlantic.

Luum - Carlos D'Avis Engineering Manager

Carlos d'Avis

Engineering Manager

Carlos is a reformed Frisbee player, aspiring rock climber, and avid urban cyclist. Growing up near Boston made him love public transit, while college in California tricked him into buying a car. Carlos escaped from LA to Seattle, where he's been building technology in health care, sustainability, education, and more. He relishes the opportunity at Luum to empower enterprises with tools for better business and social benefit. On the weekend, you'll find Carlos at a farmers market or off in the mountains with his wife and their dog.

Luum - Kelly Hostetler Corporate Affairs & Marketing

Kelly Hostetler

Corporate Affairs & Marketing

Raised in small town Eastern Washington, Kelly couldn't wait to get out and explore the density and diversity of New York City. Five years in America's largest city did not jade this tree-hugger but did cause her to fall deeply in love with all things urban—especially mobility. At home in the PNW, Kelly's found the right balance of nature, city, and craft beer. She has a graduate degree in urban planning and loves to nerd out on the psychology of behavior change. If she's not working, traveling, or studying a map, you'll most likely find Kelly on the soccer pitch or in the mountains.

Luum - June Ma Software Engineer

June Ma

Software Engineer

A lifetime Washingtonian and applied math major at the University of Washington, June has spent her professional career learning how to use technology and software to improve the lives of the people around her. She grew up in Spokane, where she never once set foot in public transit. It wasn't until she moved to Seattle that she experienced the benefits of having well-connected and accessible transit options. As a developer at Luum, she is excited to be working towards the noble cause of promoting a more sustainable city and lifestyle. When she's not at the desk, you can find her at a board game meetup or digging for records at a thrift shop. She is also a baseball nut and a lifetime Mariners fan, for better or for worse.

Luum - Austin Cohrs Software Engineer

Austin Cohrs

Software Engineer

Born and raised in Kansas, Austin's wandering spirit has made him a man of many talents. He started his professional career as a U.S. Coast Guardsman. His career took him up and down the West Coast and throughout the Pacific before settling him in Hawaii as an Electronics Technician. After his Coast Guard enlistment ended, Austin set out on his next adventure, finding his true calling. Now a software developer, Austin loves bringing his diverse background and technical skills to bear on challenges that matter. At Luum, he gets the opportunity to do just that.

Luum - McKenzie Kuiken Customer Success Manager

McKenzie Kuiken

Customer Success Manager

Growing up in Iowa taught McKenzie the values of working smart, building strong relationships and thoughtfully serving others. With a diverse background in customer service and project management, she's driven to help teams recognize success. McKenzie's lucky enough to have a quick walking commute but also loves exploring new neighborhoods by bike. Since making the Pacific Northwest their home, McKenzie and her husband have enjoyed hiking, kayaking, and taking in the Seattle food scene. When she's not playing the ukulele or piano, McKenzie can often be found romping around at one of the local dog parks with her Boston Terrier sidekick, Pippa.

Luum - Susan Gingery Business Operations Manager

Susan Gingery

Business Operations Manager

Susan grew up in the mountains of Montana and most-recently called Minnesota home, so all things outdoors - especially running, biking, and ultimate - are her passion. Susan is a strong believer in innovative transportation and is excited to bring her business strategy expertise to Luum. In her spare time you will find her running trails, expanding her French language skills, and roaming farmers' markets looking for anything pickled.

Luum - Marko Iljadica Director of Sales

Marko Iljadica

Director of Sales

Marko grew up on the sunny Northern Beaches of Sydney and spent the majority of his spare time as patrolling the beaches as a surf life saver. When not at the beach, he could be found resurrecting traditional media businesses, working across international standards in the built environment, competing in athletics (or, as Americans call it, track and field), and being involved in few start-ups for good measure. Marko thrives on fixing and growing businesses, which is why he is tasked with ensuring Luum reaches its revenue goals. Talk to him about his love of helmet-requiring sports over a whisky or coffee - he is Australian, after all, and we all know they make the best coffee known to humanity.

Luum - Ngoc Le Product Manager

Ngoc Le

Product Manager

Ngoc is a product manager who enjoys designing products that solve real world problems. She goes by "now" but if you're curious you can ask her how it's actually pronounced. She was born in Vietnam but grew up in the same small town in Eastern Washington as Kelly. In high school, she spent a summer in London and experienced what good public transport was like. Since then she was on a mission to be able to live a car-free life. She loves all things spicy and exploring new countries through her palate. When she's not playing with her two dogs, you can find her doing a DIY home project or planning her next adventure.

Luum - Samantha Dohertey Customer Success Manager

Samantha Doherty

Customer Success Manager

A Seattleite born and raised, Samantha is, naturally, a diehard Seahawks fan and a passionate explorer of the Seattle food scene. In the summer you may find her kayaking or reading at a park, while in the winter she loves to strap on her skis and make her way around the mountains. A big fan of public transit (she couldn't live without her transit card), she hardly ever uses a car to get around. She brings to Luum a background in communications and change management, and expertise in streamlining the adoption of new technologies with her clients.

Luum - Camila Terceros Customer Success Manager

Camila Terceros

Customer Success Manager

Raised between Brazil and Bolivia, Camila has also lived in Spain, Mexico, and for the last few years, Seattle. She enjoys checking activities off her "American bucket list", such as eating s'mores, attending the fair, and visiting a pumpkin patch. Whether playing a board game with her family or watching Brazil play in the World Cup, she is very competitive and will never take second place. Camila has lived her entire life in dense metropolitan "jungle cities" with robust public transit options. For this reason, she does not believe in owning a car and instead commutes around the Seattle area by bus, carpool, or her boyfriend's minivan. Camila has a background in medicine, with an emphasis in Behavioral Science. She brings a passion for learning new cultures and communication styles to Luum.

Luum - Justin Squillaci Customer Success Manager

Justin Squillaci

Customer Success Manager

Justin is a problem solving, thrill seeking, motorcycle and car enthusiast with a sharp mind. He was born and raised in Chicago and migrated west to join the team. Prior to joining Luum, Justin spent the past 6 years parking cars on the line... online. When he's not helping Luum's customers more effectively manage their parking, you'll find him racing cars, at MotoGP races, snowboarding, hiking or searching for the next best margarita.

Luum - Olivia Brey Customer Success Manager

Olivia Brey

Customer Success Manager

Olivia is a transportation nerd, a cookbook collector, and a podcast enthusiast. After nine years of living in Colorado working in transportation engineering, she moved to Seattle for a new challenge in tech. Olivia is passionate about innovative transportation solutions and promoting change that can gain value immediately. Outside of the office, Olivia enjoys spending time with her husband and her dog (Newton) hiking, biking, or eating dessert.

Luum - Nick Azure Content Strategist

Nick Azure

Content Strategist

Proud of his 509 roots, Nick completes the trifecta of Tri-Citians on our team—Kennewick (Ngoc), Richland (Kelly) and, now, Pasco. It was during a Public Relations internship with Microsoft, many moons ago, when Nick vowed to never again engage in a drive-alone commute, especially on that stretch of I-5 corridor between Vancouver, WA and Lake Oswego, OR. Our in-house author can be found hitting the pitch with his over-30 men's soccer team, cheering for old Notre Dame (his alma mater) every Saturday during football season and doing some urban exploring with his four-year old daughter.

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