Deep Enterprise IT Integration

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HR Systems

Work with an automatically updated roster of eligible employees.

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Single Sign-on

Eliminate the need to create usernames and passwords.

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Payroll Systems

Easily reconcile deductions and earnings associated with parking policy and commuter subsidies.

Commute Data Platform

Luum - Commute Data Platform


Luum captures parking data across a wide range of equipment manufacturers and access control systems.


Whether you leverage Luum's data services solution or a third-party provider, Luum knows who's riding which shuttle, where, and when.

Third-Party Mobility Services

Luum partners with third-party mobility service providers to link accounts and synchronize commute data.

Mobile App

With Luum's mobile app for iOS and Android, view your commute activity, earn rewards, and access important commuter services.

Simplify Your Life

Luum makes it easy for you to administer transit cards, parking applications, and to send targeted communications based on commute behavior. You make it easy for employees to get what they need.
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Parking Management

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Employee Communications

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Transit Pass Administration

Peer Pressure Works


As humans we like to compete. Give employees a way to be recognized for making good commuting choices with leaderboards. Rewards are limited only by your imagination.
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Reward the Right Behavior

Targeted Incentives

Motivate people to do the right thing and reward them with giftcards or prize drawing entries when they do. It's easy and it works.
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Luum gave us the tools to make the right commute choices simpler and more convenient for our employees. Corporate change is notoriously difficult and slow moving, but in just a few months Luum helped us completely transform our commute behavior.

Becky Masters · Delta Dental of Washington

Luum addresses your needs alongside those faced by fellow commute stakeholders. Contact us to learn how Luum can work for you.

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