Meet The Team

  • Sohier Hall
    Sohier Hall
    President, CEO

    Sohier is the chief bridge-builder at Luum. He charts Luum's direction and builds a network of individuals, nonprofits, foundations, government organizations, education and research institutions, and brands that join forces for good. Sohier comes to Luum for one thing: connection. For him, the adrenaline cranks to "11" when working with others to take on an ambitious goal and nail it. As a skier, mountain biker, and competitive rower, Sohier is passionate about health and wellness—especially if it involves a little competition. A father of three daughters, he also rallies behind any opportunity for young women to become future leaders. Sohier lives with his wife, kids, 20 chickens, and 9 wet ducks just outside of Seattle.

  • Tyler Simpson
    Tyler Simpson
    Chief Technology Officer

    As a husband, parent, competitive rower, runner, and technologist, Tyler is a man of many talents—not the least of which includes leading the technology side of Luum. In his heart he's now a Seattleite, but Tyler has also called himself a New Yorker, Chicagoan, and San Franciscan. When he's not working at headquarters, he likes to work out, run, row, and shoot hoops. Rumor has it he's even picked up the art of winemaking. Tyler makes his daily trek into Seattle on his bike or else the bus.

  • Matt Hall
    Matt Hall
    Chief Architect

    Matt hails from Jersey. What's that? He's lived in Seattle for seven years? Well, both cities hold a place in his heart, even if it's hard to shed his East coast roots. Matt's our back-end guru, specializing in creating a scalable, responsive Luum. His passion for code is only trumped by his love for the Duke Blue Devils, who we hear have a decent basketball team. Outside of Luum, you can usually find Matt yelling his heart out at a Seahawks game. Don't let that scare you — he's quite amiable. Just don't wear a Carolina shirt around him.

  • Jonathan Kallay
    Jonathan Kallay

    Jonathan is a multifaceted member of the team who loves the opportunity to roll up his sleeves with software development at an enterprise that aims directly at social good. He is known for his frequent, ineffectual reminders to the rest of the team about recycling and turning off the lights in the office, demonstrating that good design is better than nagging for shaping behavior. Another Luum rower, he spends the rest of his free time disproving the notion that male rowers can’t produce male offspring. He should not be confused with similarly-named Kallay Jonathan, who looks very similar to him on Facebook.

  • Michelle Rosenthal
    Michelle Rosenthal
    Director of Product

    When she’s not out on the tennis court crushing her opponents, Michelle is leading user experience design at Luum. Michelle was born and raised a few towns over from Matt in the great state of New Jersey. She studied Digital Media Design at the University of Pennsylvania, where she nurtured her love of computers and photography. Michelle is a passionate advocate for the Luum user, working to ensure that interaction with our site is intuitive, valuable, and fun. She’s not ashamed to admit to her other ardent passion for pop culture, an encyclopedic knowledge of which comes in handy at weekly pub trivia nights.

  • Raghavendra Raichur
    Raghavendra Raichur

    After multiple failed attempts to remember how to spell his own rather lengthy first name, Raghavendra prefers to go by his somewhat simpler last name, Raichur. Raichur was born and raised in Bangalore, India. After receiving his college degree, he worked there for a few years before moving to Seattle. Raichur loves the opportunity to work towards building a product that has a direct impact on society. When he is not fervently typing code, he can be found enjoying a game or two of pool. Oh and he's also passionate about cricket — the sport, not the insect.

  • Mike Gottlieb
    Mike Gottlieb

    Mike is a full-stack developer who especially loves working on anything involving mobile apps or crunching data. He is also from New Jersey, although unlike Michelle and Matt he is from the Southern (i.e. superior) half of the state. He studied Computer Science and Engineering at The University of Pennsylvania. Though he has lived in Seattle for many years he remains loyal to his Philadelphia Eagles. When not at work you will likely find Mike holding a guitar, a golf club, or a plane ticket to somewhere far away.

  • Todd S. Merkens
    Todd S. Merkens
    Customer Success Manager

    Todd got his first pair of skis (three-pin Tracks) at age 4, and after accumulating more skis than can be counted, he now enjoys sharing the love of snow with his daughters. Todd is also passionate about smart transportation. One summer break, he stepped into the central train station in Hamburg, Germany and was transfixed by how easily everybody was able to get around. Efficiently connecting people with where they need to go is his life's work. With experience in both the private and public sectors, Todd has over a decade of work developing innovative transportation solutions. And did we mention that Todd likes snow?

  • Naomi Pattis
    Naomi Pattis
    Customer Success Manager

    Naomi joins the team as our Customer Success Manager and has a genuine British accent. She grew up in a land where no household has more than one car and access to good public transit is considered a constitutional right. After three years working with tech startups in Silicon Valley, Naomi is passionate about setting Luum up for success as our operations begin to scale. Naomi learned to row before she could walk and has competed on both sides of the Atlantic.

  • Carlos d'Avis
    Carlos d'Avis

    Carlos is a reformed Frisbee player, aspiring rock climber, and avid urban cyclist. Growing up near Boston made him love public transit, while college in California tricked him into buying a car. Carlos escaped from LA to Seattle, where he's been building technology in health care, sustainability, education, and more. He relishes the opportunity at Luum to empower enterprises with tools for better business and social benefit. On the weekend, you'll find Carlos at a farmers market or off in the mountains with his fiancée and their dog.

  • Ann Hoang
    Ann Hoang

    Ann is a developer with an English degree in one pocket and a STEMinist flag in the other. She is excited to help Luum enact change - big and small, local and global. Having grown up in Washington, Ann loves the Cougs, salmon and moss (in that order). A coxswain since college, she must fight the urge to call her Luum colleagues by their seat numbers. When not sitting in a boat shouting at tall people, she can be found baking desserts and eating Nutella from the jar.