How we get along

Luum is a fun and friendly space for people to come together around challenges that make a difference in the world. To help it stay that way, we ask that all members follow our Guiding Principles and Limits when using the Luum platform. The community is yours; help foster it by taking these to heart!

Guiding Principles

Action First

Luum is a space to coordinate and record taking action in the real world. An action is more powerful than a comment. Let's get out there and celebrate each other's actions!


Luum is open to everyone — we welcome diverse opinions and activities. Even if you disagree with someone, remember that we all have a right to be heard.


Be straightforward and honest about your reasons for participating on Luum. This clarity will help others to better understand you, since communicating through text on the web lacks some of the "signals" (tone of voice, smile, etc.) we use to judge meaning.

Friendly & Respectful

Treat others the way you would like to be treated. This helps everyone keep conversations appropriate and constructive. If you get into a disagreement, ask for clarification when needed, or re-state what you "heard" to confirm meaning.

Reciprocal & Reflective

Treat others' opinions thoughtfully and answer their questions when asked. By doing so, you let others know that they have a voice. Try to keep an open mind and reflect on your own opinions and beliefs. Remember there's a real person, like you, behind every user account.


To keep discussion focused on addressing social issues, make sure you keep your contributions "on topic". We may move or remove activity that is unrelated to the current topic.


We have a lot of tolerance for each other, but the behaviors listed below are unacceptable on the Luum platform (and most other places). Follow these rules to stay out of trouble and help everyone enjoy Luum!

Hate Speech

We encourage freedom of speech and satire on Luum. But don't post hate speech. We will delete any activity that promotes discrimination based on race, ethnicity, religion, place of origin, religion (or lack thereof), sex, gender, sexual orientation, disability, or medical condition.

Violating People's Rights

We all have rights. Don't use Luum as a platform to violate the legal rights of others. We will delete content intended to threaten, slander, harm, defraud or deceive other Luum members or other people in general. We will also not tolerate violations of other's copyrights, trademarks, and patents.

Illegal Activity

Keep things legal! We reserve the right to remove illegal content. Luum will cooperate with appropriate and legitimate legal requests for content removal or user information.

Identity & Privacy

Luum takes the privacy of its members very seriously. There are real people behind each user account. Don't impersonate another or illegitimately gain access to someone else's account. Also, don't ask for or publish anyone's personal information or passwords.

Phishing and Spam

No one likes spam. Don't post unapproved commercial advertising, phishing or pyramid schemes on Luum.

Restricting Access

Everyone should be able to use Luum if they want to. Don't restrict or prevent anyone else from accessing or utilizing Luum as intended.