Commute Like a Champ

Luum motivates commuters and travelers to make sustainable transportation choices through mutual encouragement and friendly competition.

Our platform lets you easily record your trips while you connect, compare and compete with your community.

How Luum Works

Trip Logging

lets you share how you get around town. Is it by bike, bus, or are you a Feet First type? Throw in the distance and track how far you travel.


get people and teams excited about competing for prizes and contributing their logged trips towards important local transportation causes.


keep trip loggers motivated and mark special achievements like your first 50 trips, or having biked the distance across the continental USA.


with your community by posting a cool shot of the train or venting about a blocked bike lane. Both are perfect ways to tell your commute story.

Member Impact

Traveled over
800,000 miles
50,000+ trips
720,000+ lbs of CO21
1. Average mpg of light duty vehicle in USA: 21.8 (FHWA); Pounds of CO2 emitted per gallon of gasoline: 19.64 (EIA)

Luum for your Organization

Luum's Commute Management System

takes everything that's great about Luum and packages it in a standalone software-as-a-service for companies looking to improve their employee commute program. Contact us to add game mechanics and friendly competition to your workplace commute experience.

Sponsor challenges

and get the Luum community to rally behind your sustainable transportation goals. See the success stories of various non-profit, private, and governmental organizations on display in our completed challenges section. Get in touch with the Luum team to brainstorm about your challenge idea—no matter how early in the process you are, we're here to help.


Take a look at our FAQ to learn how to invite people to challenges, what Facebook integration is for, and the answers to more common questions.