We are the business solution for moving your people.

Parking Optimization
Just because you have an existing parking lot doesn’t mean you can’t find new ways to make it run more efficiently and effectively. Whether you’re anticipating increased parking demand, installing new equipment, implementing new parking policies, or streamlining invoicing and reporting, Luum makes it easy to plan, execute, and refine your parking programs. Our experts can help you with your existing parking and ensure you have the optimal solutions to get your employees to work and back home as efficiently and stress-free as possible.
Commuter Services
It doesn’t matter if you’re a commuter looking for a convenient way to the office or a manager checking on the effectiveness of your transportation program—the software you’re using has to be easy. From our secured commuter portal, branded and customized to fit your needs, your commuters can easily manage, and track their transportation options. Our platform lets you set up the proper incentive programs, provide transportation alerts and notifications and easily analyze your transportation programs.
Shuttle Management
Whether you’re managing remote parking lots to help your commuters escape traffic or setting up employee shuttle services, Luum can help you handle it all. Our Mobile Data Terminal and software helps you manage, schedule, and report on your entire fleet of shuttles to ensure they’re working as effectively and efficiently as possible. We can even help you with charging for remote parking or pickups.
Business Solutions
Everything Luum does takes place within our cloud-based software environment. That means your commuters have a seamless experience—from onboarding and getting a transit card to integrating with payroll—just like any other internal system you already use. Plus, we integrate with your existing hardware to facilitate vehicle registration, parking analysis, and more. We were founded in the enterprise space, and we build all of our products to seamlessly fit for you.