Commuter Portal
The Commute Portal combines social and game-based incentives with the practical capabilities required to run commuter programs. Self-service admininstrative tools make it easy to engage commuters, incentivize behavior change, and generate actionable reports.
Parking Management
Luum supports sophisticated parking rules and rates to finely tune parking demand and optimize revenue. Luum integrates with parking systems to automatically record parking events.
Shuttle Services
Install the Luum "Mobile Data Terminal" on shuttles and vanpools to automatically track ridership, charge for parking at non-gated lots, and monitor the on-time performance of routes.
Manage Demand
A growing business means more people, more cars, more congestion, and potentially the need for more parking spaces. Maximize parking revenue for those who park while reducing parking demand by incentivizing commuters to walk, bike, carpool, vanpool, or take public transit.
Change Behavior
Motivate commuters to shift to lower-carbon travel modes. Use cash and rewards or employ social incentives tied to goal setting and competitive Challenges. Luum has benchmarking tools and messaging features to keep people engaged in alternative commuting.
Make Informed Decisions
Data insights from commuter behavior allow for better tactical and strategic decision making. Analyze commute data to ensure that you're focusing your efforts and money on programs that will have the greatest impact.
Improve the Commuter Experience
Providing better transportation options leads to happier commuters. Luum helps commuters understand their travel options, which saves time and money, reduces commute-related stress, and increases satisfaction.