Parking Optimization
Luum works with you to make your current parking infrastructure more efficient, saving you from having to acquire additional real estate. Our proven system builds a comprehensive transportation network that incentivizes your employees to use alternate commute modes motivating long-term behavioral change.
Commuter Choice
Convenience drives your employees' daily commute decision. Luum provides them with personalized, comprehensive access to their commute options. With our commuter hub, ride matching, and incentives programs, we make it easy to find a transportation option that will work for your employees.
Congestion Relief
Get your employees to the office without the stress of dealing with traffic. Luum provides tools to efficiently get around town without having to deal with driving or parking.
Manage Demand
A growing business means more people, more cars, more congestion, and potentially the need for more parking spaces. Luum maximizes your parking revenue through capacity optimization while reducing parking demand by incentivizing commuters to walk, bike, carpool, vanpool, or take public transit.
Change Behavior
Luum connects directly to your enterprise solutions to make it easier for you and your employees to monitor transportation decisions. And we work with you to customize your incentive options to motivate commuter behavior and meet your transportation goals in a way that fits your needs.
Make Informed Decisions
The right data insights from commuter behavior let you make better tactical and strategic decisions. That’s why we analyze commute data and ensure that you're focusing your efforts and money on programs that will have the greatest impact.
Improve the Commuter Experience
Better transportation options make for happier commuters. Luum helps your commuters understand their transportation options in a way that saves time and money, reduces commute-related stress, and increases their overall happiness.